Welcome to the HIGHWIRE official website!  

Join us on our Facebook page, our YouTube channel, and most importantly, join us live onstage for music and fun...

Thank YOU to everyone that has come out to see the band, and an even bigger thanks to everyone who came out more than once... and the biggest thanks to the diehards that have locked it in and are at every HIGHWIRE show!!  You are all amazing, and make it all worthwhile...

HIGHWIRE has had a plan right from the start.. and the band feels it when we're onstage...
the fans grab hold of the excitement,
and the energy fills the room.

HIGHWIRE has established itself as a formidalbe force, and created the power that few bands possess, and we are looking forward to sharing with you at the next show..   See you there!

Our best, to YOU...  HIGHWIRE.




Highwire LIVE in action!
HIGHWIRE ...crisp, polished, and tight...unparalleled, like our fans (that's you!)  Be part of the HIGHWIRE act!!!

To book HIGHWIRE for your Club, Fest or Event, throughout the Chicago region, 
contact: Dave Bellah @ 630-460-3333  email to: highwirebandrocks@gmail.com
and Chicago's Top talent booking agency: United Talent Coordinators,
Joey DeMarco  joey@unitedtalentco.com  Phone: 630-279-7625